What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"The staff - You guys are all about giving the best service available. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Every time I call, I get what I need. Everyone there is caring and willing to help. I couldn't ask for more from a pharmacy."


"The people!"

"The people. They care."

"Your friendly staff."



"The folks behind the counter, and the cute gift selections."

"It's a local pharmacy and very close to my home."

"The friendly staff."

"The fact that it's a local, hometown pharmacy yet, it's up-to-date."

"Locally owned"

"Competent, helpful, friendly"

"It's local."

"So glad we switched to Robinsons! The best!!"

"Not only a pharmacy, but also has lots of neat stuff to look at."

"Everyone is so pleasant and helpful."

"Small-town warmth"

"It's a local pharmacy, not a chain store."

"Easy and friendly"

"The personal service and beautiful gift department!"

"Location; variety; employees"

"Always friendly staff!!!"

"Speed - always fast"

"That it is a neighborhood pharmacy."

"You are a local small-town pharmacy."

"Helpful and friendly staff"

"This pharmacy reminds me of my Grandpa's pharmacy in Boone, IA but without the soda fountain."

"Locally owned, super friendly, caring"

"The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and caring. We can count on timely refills and answers to all of our questions! This business is one of the things that makes our small town a wonderful place to live!"


"The people who work there and all the fun stuff you sell in the store."

"That it's locally owned, and the staff is always friendly and courteous. The delivery service is great for those times I can't get into town."

"Fast service and good communication with my physician."

"Wonderful people."

"Service, promptness, and follow-up"


"Love that they have been around for years!!"

"Main Street access"


"They are efficient, and most importantly, they have phenomenal customer service."

"Helpful and friendly staff; convenient location"

"Great customer service"